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April - 22 - 2010 - Thursday

This page contains videos either from the courses or from desktop video capture demonstrations. More videos on the way…

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Video Tutorials

Class Recordings

Android Videos

Video Tutorials

Android NDK Installation Videos NDKhello_final_source_code
Part 01: Download MOTODEV Studio for Android
Part 02: Install MOTODEV Studio for Android
Part 03: Download and Install Cygwin
Part 04: Download the Android NDK
Part 05: Edit Windows System Path variable
Part 06: Configure MOTODEV NDK support
Part 07: Make NDK Project and Run

Android Development Installation Videos
Part 01- Download the JDK
Part 02- Install the JDK
Part 03- Download the Eclipse IDE
Part 04- Install Eclipse
Part 05- Download the Android SDK
Part 06- Install the SDK Packages
Part 07- Download and Install the Eclipse ADT Plugin
Part 08- Create a new Android Virtual Device (AVD)
Part 09- Create a New Android Project
Part 10- Run your New Android Project
Part 11- Modify the Output of the Application
Optional- Add the Tools Directory to your Path Environment Variable

Bluetooth Sample Application Final Project Source: SampleBluetooth
Bluetooth Sample Demo

Create a Scrolling View in XML layout Final Project Source: BottomScrollView
Part 1- Create a new project
Part 2- Launching the Android Emulator
Part 3- Create a new XML Layout file
Part 4- Using the XML GUI Editor
Part 5- Modifying XML Properties using the properties tab
Part 6- Testing your Layout in the Emulator
Part 7- Adding Actions to Buttons and Text in Java

The following 3 Tutorials use the same Android Project, the source code can be found here: Test Game Source Code

Create a Main Screen
Part 1- Create a New Project
Part 2- Build Screen and Test

Create a Splash Screen
For this tutorial you will need the following:
Sample Splash Image

Part 1- Create Needed Files
Part 2- Modify the XML and Java Files
Part 3- Modify the Manifest and Test

Using Custom Fonts
For this example you will need a .OTF or a .TTF file. These are font filetypes. You can find many free fonts at: Font Squirrel
In this example I used the “Molot” font, Molot
Part 1- Add Folder and Test

Class Recordings

Introduction to Java:  Part 1 Part 2

An introduction to the Java Programming Language.

Patterns and Refactoring:  Part1@59 min Part2

A lecture on the basic ideas behind Design Patterns and Refactoring in relation to Android Frameworks.

Effective Java:  Part 1 Part2

Best Practices and guidelines for writing efficient, well-designed programs in Java.

Android Views:   Part1 Part 2 @59 min

Showing examples of different View types in Android.

Android Videos

Androidology:  Part1 Part2 Part3

A Developer Introduction to the Android Development Platform.