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Summer 2017 – AR files for MODS projects

Posted by shankar July - 28 - 2017 - Friday Comments Off

These are the AR folders for various student groups. Each AR folder has at least one apk file and one target image. Download the zipped up folder and unzip. In the folder, you will find a .apk file; install it on your android phone. Display the target image on your laptop or print out a copy of the target image. Launch the apk on your phone and focus on the target image through the camera of the phone. You should see the AR image on top of the image. Some of them have 2 or 3 subfolders. You are welcome to try out one of them or all of them. We used the combination of Unity-3D, Vuforia, Android Studio, and Cordova to generate the apk files. For AR project folders from Unity-3D, if you wish to retarget it to an iPhone, please contact Prof. McAfee at mcafee@fau.edu. We will post later short tutorials on the technical aspects. 

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