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Summer 2015 Updates

Posted by shankar May - 9 - 2015 - Saturday

We have started consolidating all the Apps at a Github site. Here is the  link: https://github.com/RShankar?tab=repositories . This became difficult to navigate. So, multiple theme-based Github sites are being developed. More info to be included soon.

Our paper on the use of the semantic web for  multidisciplinary app development  is scheduled for presentation at the 122nd Annual ASEE conference in Seattle, WA, in June 2015.  The paper is entitled: Searching the World Wide Web – Finding the Right Information the First Time .”  It is co-authored by K. Donate, a MSCS student, and by three professors involved in the collaboration: Dr. R. Shankar, Dr. D. Mitsova-Boneva, and Prof. Francis McAfee, respectively from engineering, urban planning, and digital arts. Ms. Donate developed a semantic web search tool based on the feedback from  students in arts, engineering, and urban planning, who collaborated to develop urban planning Apps during fall 2013. These apps are found here: https://bitbucket.org/shankarfau/profile/teams

Undergraduate students in fall ’14 developed apps on empowerment of middle school students to pursue STEM careers. These apps can be found at the above cited repository. This work on empowerment is being pursued by Sifat Islam, a PhD candidate in engineering;  Melissa Serrano, a MSCS student in engineering; and Iris Minor, a PhD candidate in education. Here is the link to their work: https://github.com/EmpowerMe .

Two three-week summer courses are planned for this summer for 11th and 12th grade students. The first one in June ’15 will have 10 groups of 3 students each focus on improving top empowerment apps from last fall in three specific areas: animation, visualization, and analytics. The second one in July ’15, funded by the Museum of Discovery and Science, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, will focus on citizen science apps that we developed an year ago. Top Apps from summer’14will be improved based on the experiences of 30 high school students who interned at the museum over the past one year. We expect the enhancements will be related to epistemology, museum experience, and curriculum linkages.

DIS/MS theses topics for summer and fall 2015: The list is provided here. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Shankar at shankar@fau.edu

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