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Writing to NFC Tags

Posted by Victor E. Gallego October - 18 - 2014 - Saturday

Use the TagWriter app from NXP to write data to NFC tags.  It can be found in the Google Play store for free here:




To get started select the “Create, write and store” option.

Then, select the “New” option at the top.


Then, scroll down and select the “URI” option.


Here, we fill in the URI field.  For use with the Aquarium app for the MODS Ecoscapes we would enter something like the following:


You can substitute “livingreef” in the URI string with any of the following:







See the MODSApp’s MainMenu.java for the full list.
Once entered, select the “Next” button on the bottom of the screen.

Now the tag is ready to be written to, simply place the device on top of the tag.  It should write to the tag very quickly.  The NFC tag will now launch the appropriate screen in the Aquarium app.


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