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Urban Planning Apps from Fall 2013

Posted by shankar August - 25 - 2013 - Sunday

Students from engineering, digital arts, urban planning and anthropology will jointly develop Apps for urban and environmental planning.  The documents are maintained at bitbucket.

Update (3/21/14): A total of 50 students, with 33 from computer engineering, 11 from urban planning, and 6 from digital art (School for multimedia and communications) developed 11 Apps. Dr. Shankar (engineering), Prof. McAfee (digital arts), and Dr. Mitsova-Boneva (urban planning) concurrently taught 3 courses. For the first half of the semester, each of the professors covered discipline specific material. During the second half of the semester, the students from the three disciplines worked together to develop the Apps. Here is the link for all their work (documentation, project App, code and assets, presentation slides, and marketing video):  https://bitbucket.org/shankarfau/profile/teams .  Four of the teams will present at the semi-annual MTC (mobile Technology conference) scheduled for 4/4/14. Here is the link for more info: http://mtc.fau.edu/

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