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Summer 2012 Courses on Android Smart Phone App Development

Posted by shankar March - 31 - 2012 - Saturday

Three courses at high school, undergraduate, and graduate level are planned for this summer ’12. We are also planning to offer 3 or 5 full day courses for company engineers. Here are the details:

ENG1935 (Mobile Applications for Google’s Android) is geared to high school students and has been offered during summer ’10 and summer ‘11. A total of 60  high school juniors and seniors with high GPA and diverse backgrounds, from 8 high schools,  have taken this course. They worked in teams of three and combined self-identified strengths in arts, science, and business, to develop commercially relevant applications. These teams also  competed for scholarships totaling $12,000 during the first year (No scholarship funds are available for this summer). See http://www.ceecs.fau.edu/news/nurturing-young-minds.. For videos of top three winners during summer ’11, see: http://vimeo.com/album/1660512. The syllabus is at  ENG 1935 Android Apps for High School Students

CEN 4214 (Software-Hardware CoDesign) – this popular undergraduate level course has been offered every semester since fall 2009, with a typical enrollment of 24. In this course, the students, in groups of two or three,  develop an Android application on gaming or social networking. They combine  functionality with aesthetics, animation, and/or promotional video, to enhance the App’s commercial potential.   Some of these projects are amenable to be carried forward as  ED (engineering Design) Capstone projects. These Apps also become platforms for high school students in ensuing summers to innovate with, as detailed below. We are offering this course as an eLearning course this summer ’12, concurrently with a course from the college of Arts & Letters that emphasizes Android Graphics aspects. We expect to team   engineering and graphics students to develop Apps that are both functional and aesthetic. This will bring in two groups of students with complementary strengths and also will build their team skills. The syllabus is at CEN 4214 Software Hardware Codesign (Summer 2012)

COT 6930 (Android  Components) – this was offered in spring ‘10 as a distance learning course and attracted 35 graduate and senior undergraduate students. The students in groups of one to three focused on the development of a  framework / library, or a component for their term project. This course will be offered this summer again. This is a graduate course and students are expected to explore advanced concepts. The syllabus is at COT6930 Android Components (Summer 2012)

Short 3-day/5-day courses for company engineers: We are equipped to train company engineers in a 3-day or 5-day course, as appropriate. Here is a customized syllabus we used last year for LexisNexis engineers:  Android Application Development for companies (example syllabus, used for LexisNexis)

If you are interested, please contact me at shankar@fau.edu

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