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ESP Course Conclusion and Next Semester Android Plans

Posted by Charles Norona July - 22 - 2010 - Thursday

We offered a 3-week course on Android Application development during 6/14/10 to 7/2/10 to 28 high school students, primarily from the Palm Beach and Broward school counties. A team of four faculty members (two each with background in engineering and arts/graphics), six engineering/business student mentors, and an administrator supported the intense effort. The students formed nine teams and presented their applications on 7/2 to a panel of eight judges (with background in engineering, business, and/or graphics). The students received scholarship amounts of $2,400 to $300 per group, depending upon their team rankings. One of these Applications will be posted on the Android market soon, while another six of them will be improved upon further before posting them. These Applications are available for licensing and further improvement. For photographs of the event, see FAU Facebook Group.

We plan to offer two Android courses in the fall’10 semester. The first one, entitled “Software-Hardware CoDesign” will have groups of 3 students who will develop marketable game/social applications on Android. The second course, entitled “Android Robotics” will focus on physical computing. In this latter course, the goal is to develop applications that can coordinate and control the activities of autonomous and concurrent robots.

Please contact me for more information. Thank you.

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-Dr. Ravi Shankar.

Ceremony Photos:

Group 1: Zubir Husein, Ravik Samaroo, and Devon Smith
Group 1 Award

Group 2: Dhaval Khamar, Adityanarayanan Radhakrishnan, and Suneel Viralam
Group 1 Award

Group 3: Samantha Lebofsky, Dorian Rossi, Kevin Stepanek, and John Trimble
Group 1 Award

Group 4: Chase Perez, Matthew Rhon, and Steven Roth
Group 1 Award

Group 5: Joseph Ryan, Sergio Ruiz, and Noah Spenser
Group 1 Award

Group 6: Bryan Bravo, Darin Singh, and Gregory Tobar
Group 1 Award

Group 7: Michael Capone, Christina Dixon, and Cynthia Hodge-Thorne
Group 1 Award

Group 8: Rixon Fletcher, Albin Matthew, and Akilah Somersall
Group 1 Award

Group 9: Jett Anderson, Aaron Klier, and Samuel Nason
Group 1 Award

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