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ESP Course: Week Two

Posted by Charles Norona June - 29 - 2010 - Tuesday

Dr. Shankar overseeing student works. Dr. Shankar overseeing student works. Dr. Shankar overseeing student works.

By the closing of week two our students had made significant progress on their projects. In the first week the students only had conceptual designs and artwork while some had the beginnings of pre-rendered artwork created with the use of Autodesk Maya 2010. As week three began our FAU Android group started to see more and more progress as the conceptual thinking of our students slowly came to fruition on the development phones we provided them to work on.
The main focus of week two was finalizing and fleshing out the conceptual work the students had done. One by one Dr. Shankar along with Professors Norman Silva, Fran McAfee, and Dr. Georgian Carvalho met with each group along with their primary mentor to give a peer-mentor review and offer guidance. Most of the students had already implemented menus, settings menus, and/or splash screens but the common remaining task was the implementation of their game or the extension of their program’s main functionality. This would be the focus of week three.

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