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Posted by shankar April - 28 - 2010 - Wednesday

We have been funded since September 2009 by SBA (Small Business Administration) to develop course material to help high school students develop applications that can be commercialized. This course is planned for summer ’10. To faciliate this, we developed several courses for our engineering graduate and undergraduate students.  Project details may be found in student blog links from this page. The course list follows….

CEN 4214 (Software-Hardware CoDesign) – this popular course was offered in fall ’09, spring ’10, and will be offered again in fall ’10, this time with a larger cap of 30.  In earlier offerings, the students, in groups of two or three,  developed an Android application on gaming or social networking. They combined functionality with aesthetics, animation, or promotional video, to enhance the App’s commercial potential. In Fall ’10, we will add Robotics applications to the list, and seek more sophistication in the other two topic areas. See SW-HW_Codesign_with_Android . Some of these projects will be amenable to be carried forward as  ED (engineering Design) Capstone projects.

COT 4930/ COT 6930 (Android Mobile Components) – this was offered in spring ’10 as a distance learning course and attracted 35 graduate and undergraduate students. The students in groups of one to three focused on the development of a  framework / library, or a component for their term project. See Android_Mobile_Components

ENG1935 (Mobile Applications for Google’s Android) is geared to high school students and will be offered during June 14, 2010 to July 2, 2010. Thirty high school juniors and seniors with high GPA and diverse backgrounds are scheduled to take this course. They will work in teams of three that combine strengths in arts, science, and business, to develop commercially relevant applications. Their teams will compete for scholarships totalling $12,000. See Android_HighSchoolStudents

COT 4930/ COT 6930 (Android Projects) – this is scheduled to be offered in fall ’10, as a distance learning course. This will be more research oriented and will address performance optimization issues of mobile systems, as pertinent to applications on 2-D/3-D graphics & animation, Semantic Web & Web Services, and Robotics & Instrumentation. 

We plan to offer three Android courses (beginning, intermediate, and advanced), each lasting three full days,  to businesses, starting summer ’10. If you are interested, please contact me at shankar@fau.edu

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