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Bluetooth and Server Logic Implementation Update

Posted by Charles Norona April - 2 - 2010 - Friday

Today, Allan and I have finally managed to successfully implement the RFCOMM datastreaming in a PC-to-PC setup. All that is needed is a front-end GUI complemented by the server interpretation logic Chris and I have been working on to make the base station implementation complete. Also, we need to find a way to make ensure that the mobile devices can now connect to our RFCOMM server that will aggregate into the basestation app. Last time I tried this it was wwthout success but then again we were not sure if the server was working at that time.

On our sensor interpretation efforts, Chris and I are slowly but surely creating some form of pedometer complemented by a compass which we will use to track the devices’ movements. He is pleased that we were able to get consistent data on the orientation, difference of time from the last sensor reading and the previous one, as well as what should have been our scalar calculator. The problem with the scalar calculator is that it is reading from the wrong sensor so I have to spend time to get the phone to read from both the accelerometer and the orientation sensors concurrently and pass the
proper values to their corresponding areas of the algorithm.

All in all, after some questionably stone-walling we have managed to
make quite some progress!

By the way, the updated Bluetooth PC server and clients are available:



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