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Relative Indoor Firefighter Locator Project

Posted by Charles Norona February - 8 - 2010 - Monday

The Relative Indoor Firefighter Locator project is a firefighter tracking system that will be implemented on the android platform. As of yet, it is simply a senior design project for FAU’s Engineering Design II course.

In this project, the Android Dev Phone 1s will serve as prototypes. A single laptop basestation will keep track of positional data and status of the firefighters. In addition, logic will be built into the phones to detect abnormal changes to a first responder’s status and alert nearby first responders’ devices and show information about the distress. The phones are proposed to be internetworked in an ad hoc fashion but as of recently we decided to fall back on the use of bluetooth for communication for expediancy’s sake.

Engineering Design II Group 6 – Google Group.

-Charles Norona

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